Roof Treatment North Shore

Moss and Mould Roof Treatment North Shore.

Prevent damaging growth on your roof!

When moss, mould and lichen build up on your roof over a period of time they can become harmful. A roof treatment will help prevent damage to your roof while extending the life of the existing paint system keeping the surface of your roof in great condition.


What does moss, mould and lichen do to my roof? 

All roofs have some kind of moss, mould and lichen growth on them. Lichen can eat into the coating and lift off the paint that’s protecting your home from the elements. As moss thickens and grows it raises the shingles up and this can cause water build-up. This makes your roof at risk of more rotting and leaking. Because of moss, mould is created. The build-up of moisture causes mould growth that can move from your exterior to your interior.


Our Roof Treatment North Shore 

Our roof treatments are environmentally friendly and biodegradable so they won’t harm your gardens or cause damage to the environment. Unlike other roof treatments available on the market, our service means that you won’t need another clean for another 2-3 years.

A roof wash with Elite Property Wash helps to prevent damage to your roof while extending the life of the existing paint system. Keeping the surface of your roof in great condition.


When will I see results? 

Roof treatment is a gentle and careful way of cleaning your roof. Therefore it is a slow process. Here is a guideline of what to expect on a roof which has new growth:

  • The dying off process – removing any moss, mould or lichen.
  • Roots & spores die-off – treatment takes effect and starts to die off. 
  • Breakaway process – molecules break off from your roof material. 

The process always depends on the amount of growth you have on your roof and how long it has been left there for. For heavy moss removal, it can take up to 12 months.

If you’re not sure of which roof treatment is right for you. Give our expert team a call for more advice on 0800 927 4292.

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